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MSI-3550 Digital Weight Indicator

The 3550s advanced electronics and simple interface make it easy to set up and operate. Like all MSI products, it is designed to perform effectively in your work environment.

MSI-9000 Cell Scale

The MSI-9000 CellScale provides an efficient means to monitor and control multiple sensor inputs and outputs simultaneously with real-time communications to your information systems via a secure wireless network.

MSI-9020 Cell Scale RF Cell Modem

The MSI-9020 CellModem is an accessory of the CellScale and wireless weighing systems. The CellModem provides a wireless interface from a CellScale to any serial device.

MSI-9750A Cell Scale RF Remote Indicator

The MSI-9750A Handheld RF Digital Indicator supports all CellScale features allowing it to function as a full-featured portable terminal.

MSI-9850 Cell Scale RF Digital Weight Indicator

Combined with one or more CellScale devices, the MSI-9850 functions as a wireless remote terminal that provides complete control over scale and data functions.