We all use a case to protect our valuable materials, and a scale is no different. If you have a newer one, you know that replacing it can be costly. That is why we encourage you to look at our options of scale cases. We have many great choices from top brands like Ohaus, Adam Equipment, Seca, Health-O-Meter, Chatillon, and much more!

If you carry around your scale on a regular basis for work or personal reasons, you should definitely look into investing in one of our scale cases. We have many hard shell cases, and carrying cases that can easily go over your shoulder. It will protect the scale effectively, minimizing any accidental damage. Our choices are made with strong materials that will protect the scale, and make it as light as possible for you to carry around without hassle. We have several different styles, that are specifically designed for a specific brand, or model. Make sure you read each product to see what it’s designed for, before purchasing.

If you own a modern scale that is more innovative, that means it will be more expensive. If you constantly transport it, you should definitely purchase one of our scale cases. You never know when there may be an accident, or something out of your control happens, and damage could be done to your scale. It is risky to not have it protected, especially if you are using it for work purposes. Some of the larger scales may also be difficult to carry, which is why a case would make it much easier for you. No matter what brand of scale you have bought already, there is a good chance we will have a case to fit it perfectly right here in our extensive selection.

Shop the best collections, at the best prices here at Scalesonline. Our team is knowledgeable, and always willing to help you find what you need. Call or order online today!

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Chatillon FCEK Functional Capacity Kit

The Chatillon® FCEK Kit has been designed to be used with any Chatillon medical dynamometer.

Chatillon MSCK Muscle Strength Comparison Kit

The Chatillon® MSCK Kit has been designed to be used with any Chatillon medical dynamometer.